How to Clean Running Shoes

It’s monsoon season again here in Manila! Yet many of us here are training hard for our respective races by the end of the year.

Despite the inclement weather, we are still more than happy to run on wet roads than to get bored running on treadmills. As a result, our running shoes get drenched in rainwater and become stinky the next morning.

Our running shoes need TLC such as regular cleaning especially if we are short in budget and have only one pair.

Here are the 10 simple steps to clean our running shoes:

1. Remove shoelaces and sockliner from the shoes. Wash it with mild detergent or body wash, and rinse.

2. Stuff crumpled newspaper in our shoes and leave them overnight. Sprinkling some baking soda in the newspaper before inserting it can give better deodorizing results.

3. Remove the surface dirt with an old toothbrush.

4. Rinse our shoes with water and brush it with a mild detergent or your trusted body wash. Soaking our shoes in warm soapy water is optional but cannot be done regularly. The glue that binds our shoes can weaken and will further decrease its life span.

5. Blot our shoes and insoles dry with a dry towel.

6. Never dry our shoes along with the sockliner and laces under the sun or radiator as it will further damage not just the shape of the shoes, the glue will also melt. Instead, do tip #2.

7. Air dry our shoes once the newspaper absorbed the water from the shoes.

8. Once the shoes are completely dry, insert the insoles and lace them.

9. (Optional) We can get rid of debris stuck in the grooves of the outsole using a bamboo skewer. Make sure that the small pointed tip must be cut first.

10. Our running shoes are ready again for combat!

Running Shoe Review: New Balance 860V9

I have been a New Balance customer for ten years. It all started from the discounted pair I bought when I started running, which was a funky gold pair of New Balance 749. I tried a couple of direct competitors in between but I had to size up to fit my overpronating duck-wide feet. Those pairs didn’t last either. So, I kept on coming back to New Balance and never looked back.

Anyway, here’s my long overdue personal review of New Balance 860v9:

Type: Stability
Terrain: Road
Weight: 11.5oz (327.5g) approx
Size: Men’s 9 Wide (U.S.)
Color: Black/Magnet
Toe drop: 10mm: Due to variances created during the development and manufacturing processes, all references to a 10mm drop are approximate.
Price: PHP6795 (SRP)

New Balance 860v9 features an engineered synthetic mesh upper for a lighter, more comfortable fit, and no-sew upper construction for breathability which makes our feet cool when running even on hot summer days. The only problem with the toe box though is the lack of protection. If someone steps on my foot, I would be screaming in pain. I also have to trim my toenails regularly because the durability of its upper can be a suspect.

One often ignored improvement of the 860v9 is the well-cushioned heel collar. It looks like it was adapted from the discontinued Vazee Prism line which I liked the most. I find the heel collar snug yet comfortable without slipping out from my feet onto another runner’s face. I wear size 9US Wide and the fit is true to size. Also, there is no color bleeding from the sock liner and insoles. We can wear our favorite white or even neon running socks at any time.

Its dual-density ACTEVA and ABZORB midsole feels more cushiony than before. The ever-present T-Beam stabilizer seen at the bottom of the outsole is a tried and tested feature to correct pronation issues. Despite its hefty 11.5oz weight, the New Balance 860v9 still feels light on our feet and provides us a faster ride because of its improved midsole cushioning. However, it still suffers from flexibility issues like its predecessors. If you’re an ultrafast runner that demands a very flexible pair of running shoes, I would highly recommend Rubix.

The solid Blown Rubber outsole proves its durability over time compared to other New Balance road running models. The outsole is still as grippy as ever, even on wet roads. The 10mm drop can be beneficial to runners with tight calves and aggressive heel strikers. It also has less energy return compared to their discontinued 870 and Vazee Prism light stability counterparts.

I’m not Groot! I’m The Dapper Runner wearing NB 890v9.

860v9 is one of the best incarnations of the 860 light stability series. It is one of the lightest stability shoes in today’s market. Although, it has to improve its flexibility which many faster runners prefer. They also have more color varieties for the benefit of runners who would like to express themselves. I’ll get one or two more pairs.

Special thanks to Ms. Angel Trambulo of FEU AB Communications Class of 2019 who took these photos.