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Assembling Your Work from Home Ensemble

Working from home is now part of the new normal. Even if the lockdown or enhanced community quarantine gets lifted, many companies will provide benefits such as dedicated days to work from home for the safety of their employees. It’s a known fact that we’re allowed to wear pajamas or pambahay and let our 9-to-5 […]

Quarantine-Style Overnight Oats

I discovered an overnight oats recipe and its benefits after reading a copy of a defunct running magazine several years ago. But I only started preparing it in 2018 when I desperately needed a quick yet healthy breakfast before going to work. There are millions of ways to prepare overnight oats and since we’re all […]

10 Things I Learned During #COVID19 Times

COVID-19 brought a lot of uncertainty to millions of people worldwide. Since we’re ordered by the Philippine Government to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus, we tend to get bored and eventually compromise our livelihood and mental health because of cabin fever. Cabin Fever refers to the irritability or restlessness experienced […]

5 Tips to Stay in Shape During #COVID19 Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought fear and uncertainty to people all over the world. Here in the Philippines, the national government imposed a Luzon-wide enhanced quarantine (including Metro Manila) to prevent the spread of the virus. As a result, many running enthusiasts can’t enjoy running outdoors because of the lockdown. Being safe at home is […]

adidas FOCUSBREATHIN Run: A Run to Reconnect

Taal Volcano explosion, bushfire in Australia, the worsening traffic of Metro Manila due to the construction of MRT7 and Skyway Stage 3, and the Coronavirus outbreak are three of the most stressful events in January. People wanted to start the month of February by refocusing, reconnecting to nature, and moving forward. As a solution, adidas […]