I Started Shaving Like My Grandpa!

Wet shaving has become a lost art for the past few decades. The popularity of cartridge and disposable razors played its part.  Probably due to our busy lifestyle, most men these days opt for convenience in exchange for the elegance of wet shaving.

Gentlemen, I have good news for you! Wet shaving is making a comeback for the past few years. Thanks to the help of artisan barbershops and men’s style influencers around the world. That’s why I started shaving using an entry-level safety razor out of curiosity last year. I got immediately hooked because it gave me the closest shave possible!

I know, you’re going to ask me what in the world is wet shaving. Wet shaving is simply shaving with water and shaving soap using mostly double-edged razors. For starters, all you need are a double-edged safety razor, shaving brush, shaving bowl, warm water, and shaving soap.

The best time to shave is right after taking a warm shower when all of the hair follicles are open. Right before lathering the shaving soap, make sure that you wet your brush with warm water. Apply a substantial amount of lather to the area you’ll shave. Then, shave with a double-edge razor. It’s up to you if you prefer shaving towards or against the grain. Right after having a smooth shave, you can apply an aftershave balm or solution to close the pores and to soothe your skin from irritation.

Now, let’s talk about the disadvantages and advantages of owning a double-edged razor.

One of the biggest disadvantages of wet shaving is the upfront cost compared to those cheap disposable razors available at your nearest drugstores. Sure, you’ll spend a lot of money for a fine razor, a natural bristled brush, shaving bowl, soap, aftershave balm, and so on. But don’t worry, you can purchase budget-friendly options as your first razors such as the Japanese-made Feather Popular with two razor blades for only P799 on Lazada (Razor only for $16 in Amazon) and the German-made NOM brushes for as low as 950PHP ($20) on Shave Manila.

Another disadvantage is multiple techniques are being used in wet shaving. According to Francis Ramos, the owner of Shave Manila and FMR Trading, “You need to learn the right technique using a double-edge razor.” It takes time and practice until you learn a technique. Please understand we are not created equal and our facial hair grows in different directions.

On the other hand, wet shaving with a double-edge razor can give you the closest, cleanest shave possible. The single blade can cut through the follicles of our hair by a single stroke. Unlike cartridge and disposable razors with multiple blades tend to tug and pull our facial hair.

Let’s say you’ve spent a lot on a high-quality razor but, the good news is your razor can last for centuries if you take good care it. Francis also advised us to “Get it (double edge razors) as soon as you can, have the closest shave as possible, and save money in the long term. Also, the whole wet shaving ritual is relaxing.” It means that the refill blades are cheaper in the long term and have a less environmental impact. Imagine when your disposable razor or the cartridge of your expensive, hi-tech razor becomes dull, you’ll end up disposing of non-recyclable waste. What’s worst are you’ll end up spending hundreds or maybe thousands of pesos more each year compare to replacing just the steel blades.

Francis recommends razors such as The Gentle Shaver by Giesen & Fortshoff, Muhle R89, Merkur 34C, and Feather Adjustable that are great for beginners and with sensitive skin. You can check these products on shavemanila.com.

I hope you’ll apply what you’ve learned from this topic. Forget about your friends telling you that you’re shaving like your grandpa because your grandpa knows better when it comes to grooming. For sure, you’ll become more gwapo and kissable than ever after having the closest shave that you can achieve!

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