Assembling Your Work from Home Ensemble

Working from home is now part of the new normal. Even if the lockdown or enhanced community quarantine gets lifted, many companies will provide benefits such as dedicated days to work from home for the safety of their employees.

It’s a known fact that we’re allowed to wear pajamas or pambahay and let our 9-to-5 trousers start collecting dust. But still, we have to make sure that we still dress appropriately to continue making a good impression and to become more productive. In fact, there is a recent study that dressing up at work from home also helps to boost confidence and morale at work.

Disclaimer: I was just out of my bed wearing a plain white shirt, a pair of walking shorts, and a pair of sneakers while writing this. 😀

Establishing a personal uniform is the first thing to do. Stick with your existing clothes in your closet and have those mixed and matched. You can have a decent rotation even if you only have two oxford shirts, three polo shirts, two pairs of chinos, and a nice pair of dress shoes. Dark jeans, plain t-shirts, hoodies, sneakers, and even walking shorts are also acceptable especially on jobs with relaxed dress code. There’s a big advantage of having only a few clothes with neutral colors or fine prints than having too much clothing in your closet. I hate to say this but we shouldn’t wear our favorite pair of basketball shorts no matter how comfortable it is since it might put you in the non-working mode. Just wear it when you’re doing your home workout routine or watching an episode of The Last Dance on Netflix.

There’s no need to wear your suit like you’re strutting on Instagram or attending an awards night because that will make you look pretentious. All you have to do is to dress comfortably based on the current weather where you live. Wearing a coat or blazer is optional. Fine wool sweaters are also nice especially if you’re living in the southern hemisphere during this season. Wearing a layering piece works best during a conference chat with the big boss and especially, with the clients. Let’s face it, there are bosses who are particular with how their subordinates dress up. As much as possible, avoid wearing ties especially if you are not wearing any layering piece. Don’t forget to put a pocket square or your prized pen in the front pocket of your blazer to look more professional.

Finally, there’s no need to wear your favorite fragrance because you’re not going on a date night due to quarantine. You can even offend your folks or kids who are not a fan of strong scents. Since summer in the Philippines can be excessively hot and humid, wearing scents can increase your perspiration. Just take a bath or have a refreshing shower right before logging in to your workstations, it might just be the jolt that you need to start the day… or a cup of homebrewed coffee.