COVID-19 brought a lot of uncertainty to millions of people worldwide. Since we’re ordered by the Philippine Government to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus, we tend to get bored and eventually compromise our livelihood and mental health because of cabin fever.

Cabin Fever refers to the irritability or restlessness experienced by a person who is stuck at an isolated location or in confined quarters for an extended period of time.

I admit that I’m now experiencing cabin fever and I am bored to death because I love traveling. But, I can’t go out except for buying necessities. Honestly, I don’t know when it’s going to end!

Today, I’m going to share with you 10 lessons I learned during the enhanced quarantine time based on my personal experiences.

1. Have Proper Nutrition

We tend to either overeat or under-eat during the lockdown and thus failing to meet our fitness goals. I recommend everyone to cook budget-friendly meals with balanced nutrition. Taking the right food supplements and vitamins are also important to fight the virus.  Food delivery helps but only as a last resort. Treat it as a luxury than a necessity.

2. Staying Fit Without Any Fitness Equipment

As a minimalist-in-training, I prefer going to the gym and attending training camps than buying exercise equipment to save space at home. I panicked a bit because I don’t know how to maintain my shape while stuck at home. With the help of Adidas Runners and my coach Don Velasco, I learned exercises with no equipment needed such as modified pushups and squats. Please read my previous post to learn more about getting fit during COVID19 times.

3. Sleep More

We always hoped to have more sleep when we were so busy before. Now is the time to take advantage of it! Multiple research proves that proper sleep replenishes energy to both the body and the brain. It also helps us to have clearer minds, especially during these tumultuous times. Having an eight-hour sleep per day is a must!

4. Read More Books

The news about the Coronavirus on both TV and online brings a lot of fear that mentally cripples us on a daily basis. The first thing to do is to lessen time with TV and social media and read more books on topics that interest you.  If you’re into writing, you can write book reviews on your journal.

 5. Learn A New Hobby

There are so many trends popping out from left to right such as TikTok, #untiltomorrow pictures on Instagram, homemade Dalgona Coffee, etc. In case you’re not into trends, I suggest that you rekindle your old hobbies. The lockdown period allowed us to become creative not just to kill time but to learn new skills. I personally discourage online gaming because it is addictive and reduces productive time.

6. Spend Time with Your Family

This one applies to those who live with their families. Despite social distancing, we still have to find time to spend with our families. There’s nothing more special than eating together as a family on a dining table making-up for the lost time. If you live alone and far away from your family, conference chat apps like Zoom can do the trick.

 7. Reorganize Your Finances

We have to thank our financial institutions and utilities for giving us a 30-day grace period to pay our bills without late fees and other charges. In return, we have to make sure to pay these huge amounts of bills once we receive our relief bonus. In the meantime, please focus budgeting your monthly finances according to base on necessities, emergency funds, and savings or investments. Also, we have to avoid spending on non-necessities or anything out of habit such as traveling and our daily $4 coffee (PHP200) until such time.

8. Clean and Declutter

While quarantined at home, there’s no excuse for having a dirty and disorganized home. Having a clean and well-organized home gives us mental clarity and more efficiency. All you need to do is to devote a maximum of 6 hours and cleaning tools and you’ll find it therapeutic once you enjoy house cleaning. It also gives us joy in redecorating our homes. Who knows we could even find a lost treasure! By the way, don’t forget to clean your sneakers as well!

9. Hoarding is Highly Discouraged

Panic buying is just a selfish act and can make others miserable. By hoarding, you are creating a temporary shortage and thus creating more panic.  Let’s be considerate of other people who also need food and other necessities. List down what we need to consume for two weeks, check the SRP of each product from the web, and buy no excess. Also, it is less painful to our wallets.

10. Keep Them a Habit

Last but not the least, after we enjoy being productive at home, make it a habit to stay productive even once the lockdown season is over.

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