Taal Volcano explosion, bushfire in Australia, the worsening traffic of Metro Manila due to the construction of MRT7 and Skyway Stage 3, and the Coronavirus outbreak are three of the most stressful events in January.

People wanted to start the month of February by refocusing, reconnecting to nature, and moving forward. As a solution, adidas Runners Manila organized an event to reconnect with nature and experience the benefits of mindful outdoor running.

FOCUSBREATHEIN Run held on February 2 at the La Mesa Eco Park, Quezon City. It’s a celebration of the sound mind and body. adidas Philippines also launched FOCUSBREATHEIN, a new running shoe for women. Its “glowing from within” concept mirrors the positive effects of physical activities on every person’s body, as well as to establish a better mindset.

FOCUSBREATHEIN is now available for only P5000 ($100) at your nearest adidas boutiques in Solar Plexus Yellow.

La Mesa Eco Park: Where people in the Metro reconnect to nature

adidas FOCUSBREATHEIN running shoes for women

The event started at 6:00 AM with a one-hour Mindfulness Meditation lead by motivational speaker and yoga therapist Imee Contreras. aRM runners performed different yoga poses while listening to the words of encouragement provided by Contreras. The effects to the participants were positive by releasing their fear, doubt, and anxiety, replaced by radiance and optimism. They also learned how to get disconnected from anything that clutters their minds and reconnect to the basic things in life.

After the meditation, all aRM runners applied what they have learned by running three kilometers with mindful techniques and occasional picture taking around La Mesa Eco Park, followed by a 30-minute continuation of Mindfulness Meditation. Healthy and sumptuous breakfast including vegetable pesto and brewed coffee were offered to courtesy of Juju Eats.

Imee Contreras

A gentleman focused on his breathing

All smiles during the mindfulness meditation session

aRM members all seated on yoga mats for a meditation session

3K run around the park!

Selfie with the gentlemen of aRM (own photo)

Healthy breakfast by Juju Eats (photo by Imee Contreras)

The coaches and lead runners of aRM

Towards the end of the program, adidas Philippines introduced the few chosen women to represent the adidas Breathe In Project, its latest campaign not just to empower women, but to provide others experience with mindful running.

However, the only obstacle was the intermittent Waze issues experienced by a few attendees while going to the venue. Otherwise, everyone from aRM had fun learning new techniques in running.

Overall, adidas FOCUSBREATHEIN Run is a fun and successful event. All of us went home with strong bodies and clear minds. We are also ready to move on from a tensed January and look forward to February. We’re looking forward to more events from adidas Runners Manila like this.

To know more about Mindfulness and yoga therapy and please visit imeecontreras.com

To join and participate in aRM future events, please visit the adidas Runners Manila Facebook page.

All photos except the noted are courtesy of adidas Philippines.

2 replies
  1. Imee Contreras
    Imee Contreras says:

    Thank you for the write-up, Arthur!! I’m so happy everyone found it useful to practice mindfulness during these challenging times and to help focus their attention on running consciously.

    See you next time!!

    • thedapperrunner
      thedapperrunner says:

      Hello Imee! It’s been a pleasure of having you at the adidas event last February. We learned a lot and we started practicing it during the ECQ season here in Manila.

      See you again soon!


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