I’ve been blogging on and off for the past 15 years. Now that I’m getting more serious, it’s time to learn the technical side of blogging. So, I decided to join and attend the Manila WordPress Meetup, a monthly talk held by a group of local WordPress developers last September 7, 2019.

It was a fun-filled five-hour event brought to us by the event sponsor Recruitday.com where fellow and aspiring bloggers listened to the speakers, mingled, get inspired, and my favorite part, enjoy free caffè latte.

The venue of this month’s Meetup

Since we are a small group, we had an activity where we introduced ourselves to the guest speakers and organizers. As one of their first-time attendees, co-organizers Andrew Garcia and Arvin Pedregoza gave me a warm welcome. I received some cool tips from Arvin on resizing images in my blog posts without the aid of Photoshop and utilizing Jetpack on my blog. They also invited me to be part of their Facebook group to learn more about WordPress. I am glad that I brought my laptop.

Sponsor of this month’s Meetup

Claire Madarang (right) shares her travel stories

The guest speakers at the meetup include Haifa Carina, who gave us tips on how to drive opportunities through blogging. Manila Bulletin tech columnist Bob Reyes shared his experiences about how blogging helped him to be heard by consumer products and services. Claire Madarang of iamtravelinglight.com imparted her insights on how important storytelling is especially for travel bloggers. Ruby Caberte of pinaymommyonline.com discussed the requirements and advantages of monetizing our blog. The event’s official sponsor Recruitday.com promoted their services catering to freelancers.

With Ruby Cabrete (Pinay Mommy)

With Manila Bulletin tech columnist Rob Reyes

Overall, the meetup helped me to gain further knowledge in developing blogs. I am glad to be part of this grassroots community and I can’t wait to attend their upcoming meetups and workshops.

To know more about Manila WordPress Meetup or attend their workshops in the future, please click the following links:

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