The last time joined a 10k race was at the Adidas King of the Road on July 7, 2013. I achieved a personal record of 57 minutes. I thought that my PR will never be broken because of age and the fear of injuring my left knee again. After finishing two marathons from 2015 to 2016, I decided to join a race where I test my speed for the first time after four long years.

Last February, I signed up at Pinoy Fitness Sub1 10K Run which was held on March 26 as a birthday gift for myself. Just to give you a fair warning, Sub1 10K Run is NOT A FUN RUN!

It is Pinoy Fitness’ annual flagship event considered to be competitive in which a runner must finish the race in 60 minutes or less before achieving a finisher’s medal. There are several local runners are vying to become podium finishers in both male and female categories.

However, the main challenge was I haven’t run 10 kilometers in less than 60 minutes because of my concentration with marathons. My training was based on the 5K training method from an old copy of the short-lived Runner’s World Philippines magazine. There were several modifications such as additional distance, weight training, and uphill sprints. After a mere six weeks of training, I was confident enough to run faster than 59 minutes.

My first three kilometers were a tempo-based run with an average pace of 4 minutes 45 seconds. I never really thought that I was running way too fast. After reaching my maximum heart rate, I slowed down from kilometers 3 to 7 with an average pace of 5 minutes and 30 seconds. At one point, I became irate and confronted a young male racer after placing his right hand on my shoulders to overtake me. I felt his weight on my back. He has to learn one of the golden rules of running by asking permission, not to touch any person’s body parts before overtaking.

Suddenly, I have noticed that I was gassing out before reaching the 8th kilometer. So, I walked for exactly 30 seconds to recover. I am glad that I reached my second wind after walking and ran with enough speed until I reached the finished line. I also exceeded my expectations by running about 56 minutes according to my GPS timer on my phone. Not bad for a guy turning 39 two days later!


A personal record at age 39!

Here are my comments for the recently concluded race:


  • Both the race and finisher’s shirts were well made. I ended up ordering a size extra small race shirt instead of a medium and gave it to my niece. While I chose a size medium for the finisher shirt for keeps.
  • The medal design is very intricate.
  • The baggage counter was well-organized. The staff was quick and efficient.
  • The hydration stations were strategically placed every 2.5 kilometers.


  • The medal is way oversized which I am not a big fan of. I prefer regular-sized medals with back to back designs.
  • The booth for claiming free cans of Pocari Sweat was hitting the box office yet a complete dud for its service. They should have formed at least two or three lines for faster, more convenient distribution.
  • Only a few finished claimed finisher’s shirt after the race! Pinoy Fitness released an apology and all unclaimed finisher shirts can be redeemed at selected GNC stores.

Earlier today, I got the official results online and claimed a medium-sized finisher shirt at the nearest GNC store. The official chip time was 55:59!

I am glad that I beat my previous PR by over a minute! Beating my record was a great birthday present for me. I ended up treating myself with McDonald’s Big Breakfast meal and a chocolate cake.

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