Dapper — A man who is neat and trim in dress, appearance, or bearing.

Runner — An athlete who runs short, middle or long distance.

Arthur Doctolero is an HR professional-turned-content creator and men’s style enthusiast. He is a minimalist who believes that one can be fashionable even with few high-quality clothes, shoes, and accessories.

His stylish journey began in 2015 when Arthur started developing his style and fitness regimen. It all started with a fade haircut similar to David Beckham. Then, he switched his everyday clothing from trendy to timeless and comfortable. After that, he started posting fashion grids and travel pictures on Instagram.

The Dapper Runner started in 2016 as a pet project about his ongoing personal transformation. He also writes product reviews, race reports, and tips in style, grooming, and running.

In September 2020, The Dapper Runner becomes a brand that helps men over 40 (and even younger) in caring for their health and well-being, by teaching practical fashion and grooming and promoting running as a form of fitness. He believes that getting fit and looking sharp at work and play is crucial to a man’s mental health. He’s currently writing his first e-book and will release his men’s style coaching program by late 2020.

Arthur is a running enthusiast with more than 10 years of experience and dreams to explore the world one marathon at a time. He started on Christmas Eve of 2009 with a plain cotton shirt, board shorts, and a discounted pair of New Balance running shoes. Then, he started learning more about the fundamentals of running and the proper gear. He started joining races in February 2010 and distances started to increase after getting hooked. So far, he has finished four marathons:

2015 TBR Dream Marathon

2016 Osaka Marathon

2017 Chicago Marathon

2019 Singapore Marathon (Personal Record: 5 hrs 08 mins)

As a freelance writer, Arthur has worked in a handful of affiliate marketing and writing duties. He had contributions and projects with Shave Manila, J-Generation, and Writing Hacks Academy, where he finished a writing masterclass. He’s also part of Linkedin Power Profile Masterclass Batch 2. He’s a proud mental health advocate and an officer of Project Happiness PH.

During his spare time, Arthur plays football, writes fiction, sketches, and designs shoes.

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